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what are the nft display solution available

There are a number of options for a NFT display solution at Mount Vernon New York. Some of them include Canvia, Qonos, Tokenframe, and Infinite Objects. Each has its own unique value proposition. In this article we will cover Qonos and Canvia.


The Canvia NFT display solution is designed to deliver a personalized experience across various devices. It offers a customizable viewing experience that allows users to switch between multiple content streams using its queueing system. It also enables users to schedule the display of artworks, zoom in on images, and more.

The Canvia NFT display solution also features a digital art library that makes it easy to navigate both classic works and modern creations. It also helps users to view works by emerging artists in a way that enhances the viewing experience. In addition, the built-in sensors of the Canvia NFT display allow it to adjust to the viewing environment.

Its 20-inch display is larger than most NFT displays, with sizes ranging from seven to eleven inches. It has an internal memory of 32GB and can be wall-mounted or wirelessly synced with a computer. It can pull pictures and videos from the cloud and email, and can also be controlled using an App.


Qonos is a new purpose-built digital display solution that allows users to view and interact with NFT artworks. It is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows devices, and allows curators to share their favorite pieces with other users. This is an excellent way to highlight the works of art that have a particular meaning for you.

Qonos has developed digital frames that can be used to display NFT art. The frames are compatible with Apple iOS, Android, MacOS, and Windows devices and boast integrated graphics processing. Qonos digital frames also feature a slim flush mount design with hidden cords and proximity sensors.


The Tokenframe is an NFT display solution that can be used for various applications. The frame has four sizes and can be wall mounted or tabletop. The display features an anti-glare screen and stereo speakers. Tokenframe also comes with a mobile app that allows users to customize their display and control it from anywhere. The app also lets users schedule presentations and slideshows, use QR code verification and more.

The company offers a customizable backend and allows users to share their digital art with others. In addition, the Meural frame has special sensors that adjust the display to the ambient light and retains the original color of the NFT.

Infinite Objects

Infinite Objects is an innovative company that designs screens that can display a single piece of digital artwork. Unlike most displays, Infinite Objects’ technology does not allow for apps, rewinding or pausing. The only way to turn off a video-art frame is to put it back in its box or remove the battery. However, Infinite Objects’ screens do boast information about the work. They include serial and edition numbers.

The technology behind NFTs is relatively new, but it is already changing the way people display art. Digital frames have made it possible to showcase NFTs in new and innovative ways. One such product is the Infinite Objects “Video Print” frame, which features video NFTs that play in loop in your home. There are several models available, including a 5″ and a 7-inch model, and none require any additional software or apps.


If you are looking for a DIY NFT display solution, you may want to check out the TokenCast project. This solution is based on Android and Amazon FireStick platforms and allows you to create custom interfaces for each individual device. You can even download the source code for the TokenCast on Github. This NFT display solution can be used to transfer NFTs from digital to physical form and back again.

The software is open-source and free, allowing anyone to install it on their own Raspberry Pi or other compatible device. You’ll need a Raspberry Pi, Android TV, Fire TV stick, or IPS monitor to run the software. The project also comes with a software for altering the NFT display to suit your specific requirements.